Congratulations to Two Hawai’i PLTW Teachers on Presidential Awards!

Read the full story on the Department of Education Website:

Hawai’i teachers recognized by President Barack Obama for excellence in math and science education

Project Lead The Way wishes a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to PLTW Elementary Launch Lead Teacher Eliza Akana Yoshida and PTLW High School Engineering Teacher Bryan Silver!




Just In Time PD for NEW PLTW Teachers

Project Lead The Way offers a Professional Development Plan or PDP as a solution to assist schools that were unable to get their teachers to training Summer 2016.  This is an option if you just hired a teacher, for example, or you need an existing teacher to take on teaching PLTW courses or units, but they are not yet certified in these.

Schools needing to make use of this PDP option can learn more by reading the appropriate overviews:

High School PDP Overview PDP_BMS_CS_PTE_Overview

Middle School Gateway PDP Overview PDP_Gateway_Overview

To Register for a PDP, visit, click on Register Now, and navigate to the PD Registration for the Course or Unit of your choice.  Below Core Training details, you will find the link to PDP Registration.

Below is a video tutorial that shows how to navigate here.


Welcome Aboard to PLTW in the Islands!

The number of schools in Hawai’i engaging students with Project Lead The Way curriculum in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science has more than doubled in one year!

PLTW_3vertimagesNew and returning PLTW schools, please find a variety of resources on our Program Support page of the official PLTW website:

Need assistance on next steps right away, such as with questions on ordering materials and rostering students in the learning management system, don’t hesitate to call the PLTW Solution Center Team Toll Free: 877-335-PLTW (7589) or email

Still learning about PLTW?  Discover more about the PLTW activity, project, problem based pedagogy and curriculum pathways K-12 in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science on the official PLTW website:

College and University Opportunities for PLTW Students

Project Lead The Way students have a range of opportunities available to them, including scholarships, credit, preferred enrollment and more!

Learn more here:

Download the the College and University Opportunities List today!