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March 20-23, 2016
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Grants for High Schools in Hawai’i

The Deadline is Feb. 15th for a new USA Funds School Grant Competition.

Is your high school interested in bringing on an innovative pathway in Computer Science, Engineering, and/or Biomedical Science?

Discover more about Project Lead The Way Curriculum and Professional Development (now offered in Hawai’i via UH West Oahu)!

usafundsLearn more about the currently open Grant Competition at the PLTW Grants Home Page or Download the RFP at the following link:
USA Funds RFP Round II . Schools can receive from $20k – $115K in funding for professional development and equipment and materials to support an implementation beginning Fall 2016.  All public, private, and charter schools in Hawai’i are eligible to apply.

For more information or assistance planning an effective implementation, contact the Director for School Engagement based here in Hawai’i:  Diana Papini Warren 808-281-3106 or


Middle School Computer Science Grant Competiton

New! 2016-17 Verizon & PLTW School Grant Competition

PLTW Gateway Training on Saipan

Middle School Gateway Trainings will be hosted at San Antonio Middle School on Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Design & Modeling (DM)  6/20 – 6/24 (1 Five Day Training)
  • Automation & Robotics (AR) 6/27 – 7/1 (1 Five Day Training)

Procedure for Registering for PLTW Training:
1. Ensure you or your administrator has had a conversation with the Director of School Engagement for Hawai’i & the Pacific, and/or your District/School is registered with PLTW.  or Register Now

2. Complete the PLTW Online Readiness Training (Not Open Yet – TBA). Download certificates along the way.
3. Register for PLTW Core Training. (Opens in March 2016)
Upload Certificates from Readiness Training.

An Elementary Launch Lead Teacher Training is still in the planning stage for the Mariana Islands.  Contact Us anytime for more information.


Training Dates for Summer 2016

Last Updated on 5/5/16

Below here are the preliminary dates set by UH West Oahu for PLTW Core Trainings. uhwo All trainings, unless otherwise noted, will be offered on the UH West Oahu Campus.
*King Kamehameha Day Holiday Observed on 6/10


Elementary Launch Lead Teacher Trainings (2 Separate 3-Day Trainings on Oahu) 
6/13-6/15 – FULL as of 5/5/16
6/16-6/18 – Space available.

Middle School Gateway

  • Design and Modeling 6/6-6/9 & 6/11* (1 Five-Day Training)
  • Automation and Robotics 6/13-6/17 (1 Five-Day Training)
  • Medical Detectives – Coming Summer 2017
  • Introduction to Computer Science 6/20 -24(1 Five-Day Training)

High School Engineering

  • Introduction to Engineering 6/20-7/1 (1 Ten-Day Training)
  • Principles of Engineering 6/20-7/1 (1 Ten-Day Training)

High School Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computer Science 6/20 -24 (1 Five-Day Training)
  • Computer Science Principles – Coming Summer 2017

High School Biomedical Sciences

  • Principles of Biomedical Science 6/6-6/9, 6/11, 6/13-6/17* (1 Ten-Day Training)


These events will be hosted by UH West Oahu but will be located as follows:

  • Maui  – Elementary Launch Lead Teacher Training – July 7, 8, 9 at UHMC
  • Hawai’i Island – Elementary Launch Lead Teacher Training – July 11,12,13 at NHERC in Honoka’a

PLTW will be hosting the following Training on Maui:cropped-pltw-mt-l-3c1.jpg

PLTW Middle School Gateway – Design & Modeling Core Training – July 11-15
A 5-Day Training at Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus in Pukalani

Procedure for Registering for PLTW Training:

DOWNLOAD the NEW PLTW Implementation PLANNING Guide:
PLTW_Implementation_Guide (1)

Next Steps in Brief:
1. Ensure you or your administrator has had a conversation with the Director of School Engagement for Hawai’i and/or your District/School is Registered with PLTW.
2. Complete the PLTW Online Readiness Training* (AFTER MARCH 15th.). 
3. Register for PLTW Core Training. 
4. Reach out to the Affiliate Host ( UH West Oahu) or PTLW to confirm that you are fully registered in order to secure your space.

*There is no longer a requirement to download then upload certificates during registration, however participants should have certificates to present on Day 1 of training.

Governor Ige Announced USA Funds Partnership with Hawai’i

University of Hawai’i President David Lassner; USA Funds Senior Vice President Carol D’Amico; Hawai’i State Governor David Ige; Project Lead The Way Senior Vice President David Dimmitt

On Friday January 8th, Governor Ige described his vision for developing an “Innovation Economy” and the importance of developing a strong K-20 pathway in STEM education to be successful in this endeavor.  Long time partner to the state of Hawai’i, USA Funds, announced their contribution of $6.8 million to the state in support of these efforts. University of Hawai’i and Project Lead The Way are the recipients of the funding and will naturally be partnering in this work.

$2.1 Million will go directly to High Schools in Hawai’i via USA Funds School Grant Competitions facilitated by Project Lead The Way over the next three years.  All public, private, and charter high schools in Hawai’i looking to add a new pathway in computer science, engineering, and/or biomedical science are eligible to apply. Learn more at the Project Lead The Way Grants Home Page.

PLTW Team with Governor Ige after USA Funds Proclamation 1/8/16. From Left to Right: David Dimmitt, Senior Vice President and Chief Engagement Officer; Diana Papini Warren, Director of School Engagement for Hawai’i and Pacific; Governor David Ige; Ed Dennis, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research, West Region; Tom Luna, Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer.


Learn more about the USA Funds Investment in Hawai’i.

You can see the KITV 4 coverage here. KHON 2 coverage is here. Here is the release from the University of Hawaii.

Learn more about the Innovation Economy concept in Hawai’i through the Innovation Assets Report commissioned by the Hawai’i Business Roundtable.