Project Lead The Way Official Website


PLTW Standards and Objectives Alignment Tool – Gr 6-12

PLTW Standards Alignment for Launch – Gr K-5
Launch Standards Alignment (1)
HCPS III and NGSS Alignment to PLTW


USA Funds School Grant Competition for Hawai’i High Schools Only

Verizon Grants for Middle School PLTW Computer Science – TBA January 2016  (Eligible if 70% Reduced Lunch or higher)

Good Idea Grants for HIDOE Teachers

Contact the PLTW DSE for a PLTW Grant Resource document today!

Check back regularly for more updated information.


Organizations, businesses, and associations throughout the Pacific offer a variety of opportunities that can enhance students’ experience with PLTW curriculum. A partial list of community partners in Hawai’i is below.  CONTACT US to build a partnership today, whether you are at a Hawai’i school or you are with a local organization interested in PLTW!

University of Hawai’i West Oahu

The Learning Coalition

Chevron of Hawaii

Friends of Hawaii Robotics

Hawaiian Humane Society (Oahu)

Pacific Aviation Museum

HI Fusion Ed


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