Project Lead The Way Program Costs ~ A High Level Overview


PLTW Program


Annual Participation Fee
Per School

Training Tuition
(To Affiliate University*)
Per Teacher
$750 $750
(3 Days – Lead Teacher Model)
Middle School
$750 $1,100
(5 Days)
High School Engineering $3000 $2,200
(10 Days)
High School
Computer Science
$2,000 $2,200
(10 Days) or
(5 Days)
High School
Biomedical Science
$2,000 $2,400
(10 Days)
High School –
All Three Pathways
$5,000 As noted above.


The above costs do not include the equipment and supplies for each program.  These costs will vary greatly based on style and size of implementation.  Separate tools are available to determine detailed costs at  Find the Equipment and Supplies link, and this will provide an “Inventory Workbook” allowing schools to project exact costs.

*University Affiliates host PLTW trainings which are led by PLTW Master Teachers.  Tuitions may vary slightly. Those listed above are the current tuition amounts for the PLTW Affiliate University in Hawai’i.

It is highly recommended to contact the Director of School Engagement or the PLTW Solution Center for further assistance.  CONTACT US